Tiffany Juarez, LCSW
Tiffany Juarez, LCSWCEO & Founder
Tiffany Juarez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas. Tiffany has incredible determination, perseverance, and a unique perspective of the Mental Health Systems. When she is challenged, she meets people with grace, empathy and her interpersonal skills allow her to connect and see people where they are. She creates a collaborative space of growth and self-development. With 13 years of experience in leadership and social services, she has a unique perspective of the Mental Health Systems. She has used her extended knowledge and skills to bring new ideas into the community to help those in need. She has educated and provided resources to hospitals, lawyers, and other behavioral health entities while working at the State Hospital. While working for the city, she developed a homeless outreach program partnering with law enforcement to improve the lives of the homeless community by providing resources, housing, and therapy.
Carl Burnside, MBA
Carl Burnside, MBAChief of Operations and Business Development Managing Partner
Carl Burnside has a passion for entrepreneurship, impacting lives, and creating tangible opportunities for individuals in need. For the past 15 plus years, Mr. Burnside has dedicated his life to studying mental health, helping people heal to become whole, and global business strategies. His goal is to transform the mental health and wellness industries to meet the needs of those systematically disregarded and underserved. Carl has a Bachelors in Psychology from Valparaiso University. He also went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Arizona before finishing his Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. He decided in order to have an impact on the macro level, it would require a different career path within the industry. Along with helping others turn their dreams in to fruition, Mr. Burnside has established multiple businesses dedicated to uplifting the community and bridging systemic gaps.