Family Member Services

Providing opportunities for family members and loved ones of First Responders in order to build strong support systems, battle trauma, and eliminate the stigma of mental wellness services.

Strong Support

Families of 1st Responders suffer with sleepless nights, the desire to be strong and keep it all together, reluctance to share when they have a bad day, and the feeling of helplessness if their loved one is suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD or addiction. They watch, hear, and see the toll the job takes on their loved ones. A significant amount of strain is placed on them while the 1st Responder is living out their passion in one of the most stressful and fulfilling careers. Battling Minds is here to assist in providing education to family members about mental health, evidenced based therapy, counseling, and process groups. Education and groups can provide a space for others who are struggling to discuss how they cope and to help when someone is struggling. Additionally, Battling minds can provide therapy for unaddressed mental health needs for the family members to ensure the family stays strong and resilient.

All Ages

  • Adults
  • Adolescents (14-19)
  • Children (5-13)

Focus on Wellness with The services appropriate for you

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Marital and Premarital Counseling

Relationship Issues

Teen Violence

Substance Abuse/Addiction

Art Therapy

Child or Adolescent Therapy

Family Conflict

Parenting Skills

School Issues

Trauma and PTSD

Children’s Play Therapy

And More…

Anger Management, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Depression, Emotional Disturbance, Grief, Racial Identity, Stress, Suicidal Ideation

Meet Our Clinician

Tiffany Juarez


Tiffany Juarez is a Licensed Clinicial Social Worker in Texas. Tiffany has incredible determination, perseverance, and a unique perspective of the Mental Health Systems. When she is challenged, she meets people with grace, empathy and her interpersonal skills allow her to connect and see people where they are. She creates a collaborative space of growth and self-development.

With 12 years of experience in the social services, she has a unique perspective of the Mental Health Systems. She has used her extended knowledge and skills to bring new ideas into the community to help those in need. She has educated and provided resources to hospitals, lawyers, and other behavioral health entities while working at the State Hospital. While working for the city, she developed a homeless outreach program partnering with law enforcement to improve the lives of the homeless community by providing resources, housing, and therapy. Tiffany is resourceful and determined, her drive and passion will bring a dynamic and community orientated service to First Responders and their families.

She was raised in Northwest Indiana, obtained her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Grace College and Theological Seminary, IN and left the Hoosier State to come to San Antonio in 2008. She continued her education at Our Lady of the Lake University and obtained her Master’s in Social Work. She obtained a clinical license.

As a mother of two children, ( a 10 yr. old daughter and 5 yr. old son) she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, outdoor activities, and volunteering to help individuals experiencing homelessness.




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