First responders, corrections, and dispatch workers experience numerous stressors and sacrifices every day which go beyond what the general population may experience. The phrase “emotionally numb” for first responders is something which comes up at the scene of a death, witnessing violence, being threatened, attacked, and just part of the day because1st Responders are called out when situations are chaotic, violent, sad, or extremely draining emotionally.

However, evidence shows caring for your mental health and not trying to be “numb or avoid” is what can help you stay mentally well, alert to your physical and emotional responses on the job, and physically and mentally fit for duty. Addressing trauma early, practicing mindfulness, and being willing to speak to a counselor or therapist about normal everyday stressors and work-related stressors can reduce the effects of the job, improve personal life, and provide education and tools to help your partner or yourself.

The Stressors of being 1st Responders can factor into mental health diagnosis such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stress Disorder, Depression, Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Anxiety. Battling Minds can assist by addressing these diagnoses with evidenced based therapy and can also assist early to provide counseling, resources, and a systemic approach to improve outcomes. 

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