Juliana Mendez Bianco, LMSW

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Juliana Mendez Blanco, LMSW

As a first-generation Mexican American, I bring a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to my therapeutic applications. Raised in an immigrant family, I witnessed first hand the challenges and triumphs that come with adapting to a new culture and navigating the complexities of identity. These experiences have deeply influenced my approach to therapy, fostering a deep sense of empathy and understanding for individuals from diverse backgrounds. My training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Crisis Intervention, Trauma Informed Care, and Person-Centered Thinking approaches, equips me with a versatile toolkit to address a wide range of mental health concerns. I believe in empowering my clients to identify and challenge negative thought patterns, while also providing a safe and supportive space for them to explore their emotions and experiences on their own terms. Additionally, as a mother, I have a deep appreciation for the unique challenges mothers and other primary caregivers face in balancing their own needs with the demands of caregiving. I prioritize the importance of self-care and provide practical strategies for mothers and caregivers to prioritize their own well-being while nurturing their families. In all aspects of my therapeutic modalities, I am guided by a commitment to cultural humility, recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of each individual I work with. I am dedicated to creating a therapeutic environment that is inclusive, affirming, and empowering for all.