From battle to healing, one session at a time.

" Being able to feel all your feelings yet moving forward with strength, perseverance, and creativity is what allows you to grow. "
– Tiffany Juarez, LCSW Founder

Battling Minds goal is to provide solutions focused on humanities interconnectedness, early prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

We believe in active listening, asking open-ended questions, being transparent and allowing individuals to identify where they are in their journey. We provide space for internal growth, while we develop rapport, trust, and show empathy. In order to truly serve our community, we must advocate that everyone be seen and heard, while we partner with them to produce positive outcomes.

We provide psychotherapy services for individuals seeking support for mental health concerns. These services include, but are not exclusive to individual, family, couples counseling, EAP, and or other specialties. We provide online treatment programs including individual, group, education, and family sessions. 

It's Always about Community

If you want to be a part of making an impact, come join us.