Keep Battling

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When it is too much

When you wake up with nausea, dry heaving, or just straight up overwhelmed. It is the worst feeling. Thoughts racing like who am I, what do I do next, or I better finish at least one task today. Then staring in the mirror having these negative thoughts like you are not good enough, you will never get out of this problem, and feeling like you are doomed to fail. 

As an enterperneaur, social worker, mom, and all around inspiring human, I am. I have been there, more than I would like to admit. I know it is possible to overcome. Overcoming could look like going to therapy, learning grounding techniques, change habits, or developing community support. 

If  you are getting stuck in dooms day thinking reach out to Battling Minds Team and we will help you go from Battling to growth.